Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cooking Soap, Rebatching Soap

I am rebatching my Black Castor Oil Soap because it is too soft for my liking. I used KOH because that is all I have — or so I thought. When I first started soaping, I unknowingly used caustic soda to make liquid soap paste. It is cloudy so I don't use it.
BCO soap/shampoo bar rebatch. Too soft for my liking. (photo credit Leslie Jones McCloud)
Instead, I have incorporated the liquid soap in both my BCO soap/shampoo bar and my Sulfur Skin Soap. I intend to follow the old saying physician heal thy self so I make soap to solve my particular set of skin conditions. I have oily skin prone to break outs and I have large pores. We will see how this turns out for me.

I'm cooking my Sulfur Face Soap down to paste: I added a previously made  liquid hand soap. It is hydrated with lavender hydrosol. Since I did not measure out the lye first, I only had 1.1 oz of caustic soda. I poured the KOH out in a separate container to finish out the lye requirement. I used lavender distillate for the water portion. Since this is just for me, it is okay to do. I run all of my recipes through a lye calculator to be exact. (photo credit: Leslie Jones McCloud)
Now, we wait. I like being able to write on my blog while I wait for soap paste to cook. I use hot-process to  quicken the soap process. It is better during clean-up too because I already have soap to wash the pans!

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