Saturday, November 24, 2012

$3 Handcrafted soap for sale locally at AmeriGas at 15th and Broadway

Watermelon soap available at AmeriGas, 15th and Broadway, Gary, Ind.
This is just an end piece leftover from the loaf. (photo credit: Leslie McCloud)
Anyone wanting to try natural soap can stop by AmeriGas at southeastern corner of Broadway and 15th Avenue in Gary, Indiana. It is across the street from the Plasma Bank, adjacent to the hand car wash, catty-korner from the post office on 15th and Broadway. (yeah, I said it.) The sign is white, red and blue.

 My soaps will also be offered for retail sale at Beautiful Things in the Village but I have to wait until the soaps I made yesterday and cut this morning, dry. It takes a week. They last longer if they are dried before use.
The owners at AmeriGas and Dr. Vernon Smith—owner of Beautiful Things—have agreed to display my soaps. Please ask for homemade soap and everyone there should know what you are speaking about. The soap costs $3. It was suggested my price point and market for luxury spa-quality soaps was misplaced. I heeded the advice and formulated an economically-priced handcrafted soap. Spa-quality soap is still for sale on this site.
I put coconut and olive oil in my soaps. The soap featured at the AmeriGas has bits of watermelon inside the soap. It smells wonderful and lathers beautifully. It will not leave your hands dry but moisturized and clean. The FDA says I cannot say that on my soaps. The agency said the product is to be labeled "soap" and it is up to me if I want to list ingredients. 
I also have lotion for sale but until I am completely sure of the FDA rules regarding lotion (considered a cosmetic) I will wait to offer that product for retail sale. Feel free to contact me about it, however. I make liquid soap, soap paste and soap. I will not offer any product for sale with sulfur in it so if you purchase the Black Castor Oil it will have home made onion and garlic extract as the recipe calls for instead of sulfur. Products that have sulfur in them have a different set of FDA rules and I don't feel confident of my ability to understand how to register my hair product as a drug. So... here are the photos! (Photo credit: Leslie McCloud)
Watermelon soap.

Right to left: Spa-quality soap w/ Shea butter, milk soap, spa-quality soap,
cold-process red, white and blue soap w/star embed.

Same as above.

Close-up of the layered, spa-quality soap.

Milk soap. Yes, milk is in the soap. Anything can be made into soap.

Date-night soap w/body glitter in the soap, spa-quality.

Lavender and orange swirl cold-process/oven process, spa-quality soap.

Cold-process swirl soap with star-shaped embed. The embedded soap has a different fragrance.

Also, the star is swirled, red, black and green.

Same soap without the embedded star.

Frozen watermelon incorporated into the Watermelon soap, available at Amerigas, 15th and Broadway, Gary.

Class photo. Haha.

Cream ingredients: Grapeseed oil, beeswax and water.

Newest $3 soap. Available soon at Beautiful Things in the Village and at Amerigas at 15th and Broadway. The soap features olive and coconut oil.

Olive and Coconut oil soap with swirl. Available soon. It needs a week to dry and harden.

Thanks for reading my post. Contact me about purchasing handcrafted soap by-the-loaf. Prices start at $20. Spa-quality, luxury soap made-to-order. Prices start at $35 per loaf.