Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Bundles of Homemade Soap and Lotion Cream for sale $40

Each basket contains 2 lb of your choice of handcrafted soap, 16 oz of handcrafted cream and 8 oz of liquid soap. Products shown are in the "Alicia" Holiday Basket made especially for my cousin, Alicia. Her holiday soaps contain - per her request - infused oils including black seed and calendula. Soap is lightly scented.
Merry Christmas!
"Alicia" Holiday Bundle. Soaps on the far left are just for show on the site. Seen are charcoal, goat's milk (r) and  goat's milk with wheat grass, oatmeal and green tea added.

Seen are charcoal, (r) Goat's Milk (very creamy and hard) and  Goat's Milk with  wheat grass, oatmeal and  green tea added.

 Beeswax cream, 8 oz.

The little black seeds are Black Cumin or Black Seed. The flowers are Calendula.

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