Friday, December 28, 2012

New hot process (and cold) soaps for Soapa! Featuring: Man Swirl

Find us at the Etsy link to the right and on Pinterest. All of my soaps are small batch hand milled so no two soaps are exactly alike and will have imperfections. Also, you may have to shake the lotion as it too is all natural. Small price to pay for luxury beeswax lotion - am I right!? (yeah, i'm right)
Man swirl is cold-process soap with activated charcoal. Detoxifying.

Yellow Calendula petals inbedded in the soap create a luxurious bath experience.

Swirls for men soap has activated charcoal and looks like a hunk of asphalt. However the soap feels as smooth as silk on  the skin and face for shaving. The soap smells fresh and clean. Bright like the morning sun and the bathroom light upon awakening.

I call this soap "Clown." This soap reminds me of the circus clowns. It has a strong fragrance profile. Fresh.

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