Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stonehenge Soap

Re batch w/ BCOw/Sulfur  soap added.
I re batched yesterday, soap scraps and a few hunks of CBO w/ sulfur. Needless to say the CBO colored the whole pot of soap and stunk to high heavens because of the sulfur. Well, I added fragrance X2 but still had to rub fragrance on each bar and ball. The fragrance soaks in as the soap cures. I cooked it a very long time and added tea and water to get a smoother appearance. Re batch soap is usually very rustic in appearance if it is not re-hydrated. It is clay-like on the inside and crumbly around the edges. It is very cleansing and moisturizing. Castor oil is good for the skin.
Since the soap is just for us to use around here, it's okay about the smell. Black tea infused Castor oil is a hair remedy I make but after, there is a lot of tea soaked Castor oil left behind so I make soap out of it. Next time I will not put sulfur in the whole batch, just the amount I will use. Sulfur is good for the skin in that is anti-fungal. Our bodies need sulfur as we excrete it every 12 hours, I read.
The soap is cut to fit my hand. It never occurred to me to cut it larger for bigger hands. Also, when I
unmolded the soap, parts of it crumbled and broke so I rolled it into soap balls rather than put it in the re batch pile. We will use this soap in the kitchen and for baths. I put some small crumbs in the sink and when I washed my coffee cup it got squeaky clean. (some of my soaps are too oily for that)
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