Thursday, January 10, 2013

Relax and Detoxify with Soapa

A new year always brings promises of a new you, a new lifestyle or a change of some sort. It doesn't always last through the year.
In 2013 make a promise to yourself to take regular detox baths.
A good way is to set your bathtub up as a steam room.
I use velcro hangers (found at any hardware store) to attach a vinyl shower curtain to the wall opposite of my shower rod. I drape that extra shower curtain across my shower rod, creating a tent effect to keep more of the steam from the shower in the shower/tub area. 
Soapa! Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak has
Calendula petals, essential oils, glitter
and colorant. It will seem as if you are
bathing in warm ocean sea water. Your
skin will feel so soft afterwards. Pamper
your skin!
Let a hot shower run a few minutes to create steam. Switch off the shower and release Soapa! bath salt soak in the tub under running water. Get in the tub and relax. Settle into the steamy goodness as long as possible. The goal is 40 minutes to sweat out toxins through the skin and soak up the good minerals from the Dead Sea Salt contained within Soapa! bath salt soak. Enjoy but remember to hydrate by drinking water before the detox and then re-hydrate by drinking more water after you get out of the tub.
Don't worry if you cannot stay in the steam the full 40 minutes. Ease into it a bit more each week.
Be sure to consult with your physician before attempting any detox.
Don't forget to order Soapa! Handcrafted Naturals Soap for your detox bath. Essential oils as well as coconut and olive oil make each bar emollient-rich and softening.
Dark Swirl or Man Swirl

Purple & Gold botanical (I may rebatch this soap if no Bros. purchase the bars.)

Olive Oil Soap 70.3 Olive Oil-CPOP (cold process, oven process)

Hearts Afire or Yummy Hearts (smells sooooo good dangit!)

Black Castor Oil Soap
Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar w/ Shea

Black Castor Oil Soap

Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

Juicy Indigo Soap

Sea Salt Soap (not a salt bar - this soap only has 6 oz. of sea salt)

Soapa! Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak is mixed with sea salt and other
ingredients to make your bath experience luxurious. It may
be the high point of your day.

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