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I will handcraft on demand, cream, balms and lotions. I will add sulfur to any recipe for a few cents extra. All of the lotions, balms and creams are based on one basic formula: water, beeswax or emulsifying wax and oil.

I use infused oils. I have sunflower, grapeseed (my favorite) and olive oil infused with herbs like rosemary, rose, lavender, calendula and sage. I also use avocado and coconut oils and Shea butter.Special requests are considered.

I call my lotion Mother's lotion because it is great for frequent hand washing. Using store-bought soap made my hands hard and dry and sometimes I can not use lotion because I might get a case of the dropsies! (Cooking and baking and slippery hands do not a good combination make.) However, when I began to use my own soap I found the need to use hand lotion after every wash unnecessary.

 I now use my lotions twice daily and my skin stays soft and hydrated.

As a person who has lived with eczema, I am careful about what I put on my skin. I don't want to get a flare-up. Store bought preparations burn and irritate my skin so I stopped using them. Those special emollients that did not hurt are expensive. I make my own now and my skin feels better.

I use Castor oil in my Infused Castor oil (aka Black Castor Oil) along with avocado, coconut and olive oil. I use loose black tea to infuse the oil. The infusion contains sulfur but I can remove the sulfur at request.

Castor Oil Hair Infusion is a good hot oil treatment or leave-in treatment for dark hair. The infusion is prepared with chamomile or green tea leaves for light hair. The Infusion can be used on braids, sew-in weaves, up-dos, processed or natural hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and rid my daughter's scalp of dandruff.

Pictured below are: (l)Black Tea Infused Castor Oil (Black Castor Oil) (background) basic unscented cornstarch lotion, basic unscented moisturizing cream  (for chapped, hard, reddened skin). Not pictured is a container of basic unscented lotion. Any of my products can be scented with essential oil. They are shipped with fragrance upon request.

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